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Meet Our Team

Randall R. Grant:


Early along in his life, Randall Grant felt that his life’s work would be healing the sick and assisting those in need. This path for his life’s work, led him in many directions before he began work in the healing and wellness industry.

He worked in construction, gold mining in the Yukon, a salesman of seafood, insulation, heavy equipment operator and a painter. Finally, in 1994 his life turned into the right direction which has become his passion and direction.

Jenna Grant


Hi, my name is Jenna Grant, hence the name Jenna’s Divine Bites. My story is simple and stems from my desire for a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. Like all moms I was wanting my kids to eat healthier and was willing to try anything. One of those attempts was trying to hide vegetables into their food without them knowing. 

 It always felt like a small victory when they would eat their food not knowing what was hidden inside. But as my kids grew older and smarter it became harder to hide vegetables in their food. I had to change tactics with a new way for them to eat healthier.

Ashley Moss

Health Coach

From a young age, Ashley dreamed of becoming a doctor. The type of doctor always changed, but she never stopped believing that she would be able to help people with their health. Over time, sports took priority, and she pursued a career in golf. As a professional athlete having some health problems, Ashley started taking her nutrition and supplementation more seriously and was introduced to Randy Grant at Divine Nature.

Fast forward several years and struggling with infertility, she started searching for answers.  Nutritional medicine became the most important tool to finally having a baby in 2019. This was the defining moment in Ashley’s decision to enroll back in school and get her license as a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach.

“I have found my passion in nutrition and blood microscopy, and I couldn’t be more excited to share with others what I have learned. As a society, we have gotten so used to being sick that we have forgotten what it’s like to feel good. It’s my mission to educate and coach people back to health!”