Meet Our Team

Randall R. Grant:

Early along in his life, Randall Grant felt that his life’s work would be healing the sick and assisting those in need. This path for his life’s work, led him in many directions before he began work in the healing and wellness industry.

He worked in construction, gold mining in the Yukon, a salesman of seafood, insulation, heavy equipment operator and a painter.

Finally, in 1994 his life turned into the right direction which has become his passion and direction.

Colton Grant
Operations Manager

Colton is the day to day Operations Manager at Divine Nature. If you’ve ever had a chance to stop into the office, you’ve probably met him. He oversees all the warehouse inventory, shipping, as well as product acquisition. On top of those duties he also manages the daily activities and appointments at the office and manages the office staff and their scheduling.

Colton also developed and launched the Divine Nature Golf side of the company. Building off owner Randy Grant’s existing relationships with established PGA athletes, he saw the need for a separate wing of the company focused on player support and player development. He strived to build a place where players could receive all the information, product, and logistical support to their extremely busy schedules. He is proud to have taken our player roster in 3 short years from 24 PGA / 2 LPGA athletes to a healthy 60 PGA/ 50 LPGA as well as over 22 caddies!

When Colton isn’t at Divine Nature, he enjoys spending time with his large and very active family. Colton and his wife Jenna together have 6 kids. They enjoy all things outdoors weather its hiking, biking, camping and going to the beach or the lake. In his “free time” he is currently enrolled at BYU-Idaho where he is completing his degree in Business Management.

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Jenna Grant

Hi, my name is Jenna Grant, hence the name Jenna’s Divine Bites. My story is simple and stems from my desire for a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. Like all moms I was wanting my kids to eat healthier and was willing to try anything. One of those attempts was trying to hide vegetables into their food without them knowing. 

 It always felt like a small victory when they would eat their food not knowing what was hidden inside. But as my kids grew older and smarter it became harder to hide vegetables in their food. I had to change tactics with a new way for them to eat healthier.
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Tiffany Higgins

Tiffany has been a nutrition educator and counselor since 2008. She has studied nutrition and collected text books on the subject since she was 14, but really began teaching after she helped her own daughter heal from health problems that the doctors couldn’t help with.

She has taught seminars of large groups and worked with individuals. She designed and taught the holistic nutrition course for Botanical Education Foundation in 2010-11 and has received certification in aromatherapy. She has taught healthy living and cooking classes at Shar’s Kitchen Center in Gilbert from 2012- 2017. She trained to do Live Blood analysis in 2011 and has been seeing clients individually until joining Divine Nature’s office in February of 2018. She believes the body has the amazing ability to heal itself when given the right tools. She loves working one on one with people and seeing them make progress to healthier habits and experience positive changes in their personal health.
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